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BEMS Softball

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BEMS Softball 2016
BEMS Softball 2016

The BEMS Lady Raider "B" Team completed their 2016 season undefeated! The B Team was led by head coach, Jill Jeffords and assistant coach, Kristen Hicks. For the majority of the season, the team traveled and played with 9 girls:

#1 Olivia Proveaux--SS (7th grade)

#3 Shaniya McMillan--RF (7th grade)

#4 Carlee Morris--C (8th grade)

#5 Zorria Hayes--LF (8th grade)

#6 Emoni Grant--CF (7th grade)

#7 Abby Seigler--3B (8th grade)

#8 Bailey Ashe--2B (7th grade)

#10 Muriel Jowers--P (7th grade)

#13 Antania Orr--1B (7th grade)